“ Its my dream and pleasure to serve these services to my country people. Our aim behind to introduce CBS and BBS is, to provide a cut off standard to everyone. If someone is availing some service, other deserving people also have the right to avail that, financial and other parameter should not be criteria. We have started the things by making you little bit independent of money matters and we are extending the services by providing you the full support of happiness for your personal and professional life. In short I just want to say to all - for any service, any requirement, any situation don’t feel that you bounded or lonely, we are with you “ Hope you will enjoy and grab the benefits by becoming our valuable member..................Jai Bharat

- Anurag Sharma,Founder,CBS


Embex is founded in year 2007 by Mr. Nakul Mudgal and Mr. Anurag Sharma at Mumbai.  
In 2008 company has been registered as Embex Technologies (P) Ltd. with its first center at Chandigarh. For 2008-2013, We have delivered quality products, training and services in technical sector and executed the services in 20+ major cities made a base 10000+ satisfied customers across INDIA.
In 2014 Embex started its new wing of services for consumer domain and named it as consumer benefit services (CBS).
With the team of dedicated professionals, we build up 500+ ti-ups with top brands and institutions of different services. After, the success of CBS, now Embex is launching Business Benefit Services in early 2015.

Motto behind to design consumer benefit services is to provide the maximum benefits to the country people related to purchase, shopping, education, social, moral, medical, career, daily needs and life style. CBS services are not only concern about the financial matter but is also covers the almost all parameters of  happy living life for every age group of people. Company has categorized the services by the names as CityLife, Learning-Earning, Labor Chowk, My doctor, B-Happy, Be A brand, My Office, Fly in Sky, Playground and many more.

Business benefit Services are designed for all those entrepreneurs, brands, Industries, Institutions who are willing to operate their business in multiple cities with minimum expenses. In BBS we are providing virtual offices, virtual assistance, Branding, Physical Office spaces and other administration services and other support on true paid basis.